We Believe In Alignment of Your Business + Your Natural Cycle

Women were not made to scale in the same ways that men do – we said it! 

Ladies, we have a 28-day cycle where all elements of our being fluctuate; our energy, creativity, even our analytical nature. Understanding and planning our days, months, and years around this natural cycle is EVERYTHING. 

All-in-One Annual Business Planning Online Course

We don’t believe that a vision board, manifestation, or even a financial forecast can be successful without understanding #1 your bodies natural cyclical nature and #2 how that cycle applies to your business. 

Cyclical Planning

Module 1: THE BASICS

Our Founder, Erica, takes your through what a 28 day cycle looks like and how each week can vary widely depending upon your hormone levels.

You’ll access our cycle planning guide and worksheets to help you plan your meals, workouts, and relationships.

Module 2: The Dreams

It’s time to dream, what does the next year look like? What are those big audacious goals that you will reach for?

We will think through each season and plan for what will bring us joy and tactfully plan (in alignment with our energy, of course!)

Module 3: The Plan

We take your dreams and integrate them into the next year, while strategically planning with your cycle.

You will walk away with an annual financial forecast, our cyclical business planner, and a digital template integrated into your calendar.

Love It or Not:
How you Show Up in Your Business is Dictated by Your Cycle

How we talk to ourselves, how big we dream, our creativity, the effectiveness of our marketing, even our attention to details varies widely throughout our 28-day cycle. As a CEO, this is knowledge that is ESSENTIAL to growing a successful business and leading our team. 

It’s time to not only understand your cyclical nature, but how to plan your business (and life!) around it.


We've all had that moment when we wanted to burn it all down...

Look I am an entrepreneur with young kids, a big family, multiple businesses, and a team…and before I understood my cycle, I’d still wake up some days wondering, “What the hell is wrong with me?” Babe, you are killing it. 

But you need to your understand yourself on a fundamental female level. This is what the first module, The Basics, is all about. We talk the basics, how to plan your weeks, diet, exercise and relationships. 

"I would absolutely recommend ANY and ALL coaching/mentoring that Erica and her team have to offer, I have only experienced high quality education with pure integrity!"

I feel so blessed that I have had the opportunity to learn from such an intelligent, kind and honest business owner and mentor (and her team!). She has coached me through SO many business issues with such love and ease. She sees things from an empathetic perspective and offers valuable insight that is tangible and actionable. Her words of wisdom have guided me to remain aligned and true to my own mission! 

Lacey Magen, The Empowered Nurse


What is that big audacious dream? What does it look and feel like?

I truly believe that on your hardest days you need the vision; the ultimate version of yourself that you are striving to be. Without this we are easily moved, our boundaries easily relax. Erica will walk you through her favorite visualization and you will create your vision board.

Then we take it one step further to imagine this next year and how we will build a year that strives towards that vision, and plan accordingly with our cycle – that way you not only step into your highest self, but in alignment with who you are!

Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Erica!

I am a multi-passionate business owner, mom to two girls, and wife. I love to help women to design a life and business around who they are – not the other way around. 

I spent years flip flopping from the corporate to locally owned marketing scene until I found my passion – relationships. 

Connection and growth is the basis behind all of my businesses – both on the agency and business consulting side. 


Babe, this is a plan was 100% created by us - merging years of cycle research and business development in one place!

We combine our favorite techniques to integrate personal cycle planning with business growth strategies. You’ll walk away with a strategic guide to plan every aspect of your life in alignment with your natural cycle. 

Operating your life 100% in your alignment of your natural ebbs and flows changes EVERYTHING. Don’t just plan your next month, quarter, or year; plan it in alignment with who you are to accomplish and enjoy more than you ever thought possible (without being hella exhausted…)


Forecast Your Financials Like a BOSS.

We couldn’t ask you start planning your next quarter or year without giving your actual tools to plan your business; our #1 tool is understanding your financials and set #1 is forecasting. 

You’ll learn to calculate your expenses, revenue, and cost of goods to understand not only where your money is going (and how much profit you’re making!) but also how to backtrack to support this growth.