We help conscious entrepreneurs to operate from a place of alignment and be able to scale their impact.

We are here to stand with you in the trenches of launching and scaling your business, while also growing a family. 

We are here so that you never feel alone – so that you can make the connections and lessons needed to take your business to the next level, while honoring your femininity.

We Truly believe that while we can take inspiration from men, women can't scale their businesses in the same way

We said it. We have different obstacles as well as gifts; the tools in our tool belt are NOT the same.

We Do not believe in building our business on the ashes of what matters most - our family.

When we embrace our femininity and grow a business utilizing these natural skills, the world can change. We do not believe in building our businesses on the ashes of our family or the things that matter most. We scale like a woman.


Did you know only 2% of women in business will ever hit 1 million in annual revenue?

This kills us. We launched our first brand, The Mina Company, a marketing agency in Northern Colorado, as a direct result of this. We serve female business owners and entrepreneurs because we believe this world would be a radically different place if this statistic were flipped. It’s our mission to contribute to this change.

When women build wealth they invest in their communities, they mentor, they donate – they turn around and help the women that are climbing behind them. Women are different – they were never created to do things like men. So why is that what we expect from ourselves? It’s time to change that. 

OUR core values:

↠ We value what matters most – starting with our family, ourselves, and our work.

↠ We strive for open and honest communication through vulnerable relationships.

↠ We lead with grace and empathy.

↠ We execute our responsibilities to the best of our ability.

↠ We are always seeking to innovate; we take time to learn new skills and/or techniques.

↠ We use our natural cycles and personalities to our advantage


While we are female-driven, we also acknowledge we are not alone. Other minorities make up an even smaller percentage of business owners that have successfully scaled their businesses to reach the $1 million mark. We stand with them and we are here as their biggest ally.

WE WELCOME all marginalized communities including – LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC.


The Club has Arrived!

If you are local to Northern Colorado, join our monthly mastermind group. Where we kick down the door and talk real business – not surface level networking. Bring your numbers, ambitious goals, and we will all work together to help you to succeed.