The Club at The Mina Collective
Monthly Mastermind Group for Northern Colorado Women in Business

We have been there – starting our first business while also balancing motherhood is enough to make your head spin, let alone the whirlwind of entrepreneurship; hiring a team, budgeting, sales, marketing, taxes, and SO much more. 
While networking groups are AWESOME, that is not us, we are here to bring back old-fashioned “Boys Club,” but with our own spin. 😉 


Have you ever wished for a business best friend?

The one that was further along in her journey and willing to show you every detail about how she scaled…the one you could ask your 1,000,000 questions to, the one you could turn to in pivotal moments in your journey…

This is why The Club was born! 

Community is essential in your business growth journey and it’s not until we start having honest conversations can we help each other to grow.


Become a Club Founder and join an incredible group of women!

Are you curious about if you’d qualify as a member? All members must meet this criteria.

↠ A Northern Colorado entrepreneur or business owner (both national and local brands accepted).

↠ All members will be asked to sign an NDA to keep club conversations top secret. We are after all scaling our businesses and our tactics are not to be discussed outside the club setting.

↠ A business owner who wants to scale, not remain stagnant. This is a place for the ambitious to THRIVE.

↠ We respect each other identities and we welcome all marginalized communities including – LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. 


Alright babe, here is what your membership entails...

↠ We will meet on a monthly basis, at Sunrise Studio in Loveland, CO to hash out areas of our businesses where we could use help or advise and learn strategies from other women. 

↠ We are a round table. We invite vulnerable and honest conversations; our team is simply here to facilitate.

↠ You’re invited to build a sisterhood of women in business that are more than surface-level connections, a club where women from all industries and walks of life come to talk honestly about business, advising one another on strategies that will scale their impact. 

↠ All members get a listing on The Club internal network guide – so we can all support one another in finding resources and services from other Club members. 

↠ This is a place for celebration! Nothing is worse than hitting that goal and looking around to realize you’re not surrounded by business people who get it. Our group not only gets it, but we are here to pop some champagne with you!!

The Club is a simple $100 per month subscription that gives you access to our monthly in-person mastermind, discounts on our future co-working space (The Mina Collective), photography studio, events, and more!

Meeting Dates: Every 3rd Monday at 12pm OR Every 3rd Thursday at 10am in Loveland, CO



"They are just as passionate about the success of our business as we are!"

Absolutely in love with their methods, communication style, team members, and professionalism. They are a delight to work with; and just as passionate about the success of our business as we are.

-Courtney Cluett-Suarez, Property Concierge


"High-quality education with pure integrity"

I would absolutely recommend ANY and ALL coaching/mentoring that Erica and her team have to offer, I have only experienced high quality education with pure integrity!

-Lacey Magen, The Empowered Nurses

You're a Good Fit If...

You’re ready for more visibility & freedom

We all started our businesses to gain freedom – time and money are essential. Our goal is for all of us to work smarter, not harder. 

You're an action-taker & ambitious entrepreneur

You are ready to learn and dive in – not stand on the sidelines. You know that when the tide rises all boats rise with it!

You want to scale to your next big milestone

You want to learn from others who have been there and do the work needed to get yourself to that next level.